First Impressions Photography

Most of my images come from a literal stone's throw from my desk.

It isn't necessary to go far to find the right light, but it does require the photographer to be ready for that exact moment when the ordinary demands to be noticed and remembered.

October Tree: a favorite memory

This is one of my best examples of being ready for the light. I had to run a quarter mile to get this shot before the sinking sun went down behind Saddle Gap off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Dang near had a heart attack. Woulda been worth it.

Our Slow Road

While it is certainly one of the least improved roads in all of Floyd County, and although there are times we say bad things about it when it washes out after floods or goes to mud after thaw, it does have its moments.

Nature, Landscapes and Special Places

Nature Notes

One focus of this site will be on nature--mushrooms, wildflowers, ferns, and critters.I am fond of a bug's-eye view of bugs, and it was wildflowers that hooked me on nature. I suppose that I would include The Seasons in this image category as well.

Recent Blog Entries

This site will house both fixed galleries and blog posts that will be more like photo-essays or technical information or musings from our about photography. Gathering images has been a way to curate and make sense of my life. Happy to share.


Most of my images come either from our land or somebody elses. Floyd County scenes you'll see here are what we find along our way to town. Being immersed in this kind of visual landscape is one of the blessings of country life.
Be sure and see the Photo-Notecard sets before you leave.